Make a Living!![IQ]

To make a living is to add years to life. I present IQ as the factor that contributes the best to add years to life. Under the heading of IQ I am just attempting study or understand how best we can add years to our life by living a socially successful life. To add healthy years to life you need to have a socially successful life which means having food, cloth, shelter and etc of that for survival and social recognition. The degree of desire about to what level of all this should one have, has no Bible or Quran to guide through commandments that are common for all mankind. I am here not to define the standards of how and how many years one should add to his or her life… but to just share some thoughts that might be useful to make a healthy living.

Definition of IQ:

Intelligence Quotient is the ratio of “mental age” (as measured by a standardized test) to chronological age expressed as a percentage. It is used as an index of intellectual development.

IQ is an estimate of intelligence level; an index determined by dividing the mental age in months by the chronologic age in months and multiplying the result by 100. Thus, the IQ of a child of 200 months with a mental age of 180 months would be 90.

IQ may be understood as the ability of once mind to collect, understand, analyze, synthesize and apply the knowledge (Knowledge is the organized information can be indepth studied in Epistemology).

I would like to present the following branches of philosophy as the most relevant fields of study for IQ:

  1. Logic is concerned with the laws of valid reasoning.
  2. Epistemology investigates the nature of knowledge and the process of knowing.

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