Essence of Life

In the quest for the essence of life and in search for the answers of the following question of my life…

  • Life ::
    • What is life? and What is its true essence and purpose?
    • Why are we born? Why do we die?
    • How and why we do we exist?
  • Thought ::
    • What is the relationship between brain, mind, heart, will, and self, soul, spirit and body?
    • The concept of consciousness and conscience
    • What is happiness and what is success?
    • Is everything in the world is a product of thought?
    • Is mind the factory of thought?
    • How and why thoughts exist?
  • God ::
    • What/Who is GOD?
    • Is GOD discovered or invented?
    • Is there only one GOD or many GODs?
    • Is he the true Generator Operator and Destructor of this world?
    • How and why GOD exists?
  • Religion ::
    • Is religion essential for life? If yes, which is that religion?
    • What is the role of religion in our human life?
    • Why do we have these many religions in this world?
    • How and why religion does exist?
  • Education ::
    • What is the objective of education?
    • Why are we educated?
    • What is the essence and essentials of education? 

 I dedicate this section of study to the above schools of thoughts…

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