10 Signs Someone Is Smarter Than You

Unless you think you’re the smartest, who doesn’t want to be smarter? Of course I want to be smarter too, so I try to find out who’s the real smart guy that maybe I can learn from. James Gardner has got me an answer on Quoraabout whether someone’s smart or not. Here are the signsContinue reading “10 Signs Someone Is Smarter Than You”

Secrets To Get Along With Difficult People

We all have difficult people in our lives. You know-the ones you dread talking to; the ones you try to avoid at all costs. They may be your ex-spouse, a co-worker, or a family member; they may be a bully, a control freak, passive-aggressive or someone who loves to play the role of victim. So,Continue reading “Secrets To Get Along With Difficult People”

8 Types Of Friends You Need To Have In Your Life

1. A Loyal Best Friend This is the kind of friend who lets you be a hot mess and knows all of your deepest and darkest secrets, but still loves you all the same. 2. A Fearless Adventurer We all need an adventurous friend who will pull us out of our shells and introduce usContinue reading “8 Types Of Friends You Need To Have In Your Life”