How to detect Lies

Introduction to Detecting Lies: The following techniques to telling if someone is lying are often used by police, and security experts. This knowledge is also useful for managers, employers, and for anyone to use in everyday situations where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a victim of fraud/scams andContinue reading “How to detect Lies”

Top 10 Most Expensive Accidents in History

Throughout history, humans have always been prone to accidents. Some, such as the exotic car crashes seen on this page, can be very expensive. But that’s trivial compared to the truly expensive accidents. An accident is defined as “an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss”.Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive Accidents in History”

Prostitution – Tragedy of India

♦        There are approximately 10 million prostitutes in India.  [City wise prostitute population:: Bombay 100,000    Calcutta 100,000    Delhi 40,000     Agra 40,000] (Human Rights Watch, Robert I. Friedman, “India’s Shame: Sexual Slavery and Political Corruption Are Leading to An AIDS Catastrophe,” The Nation, 8 April 1996) ♦        India along with Thailand and the Philippines has 1.3Continue reading “Prostitution – Tragedy of India”