World First’s – Invention and DISCOVERIES…

1. Worlds First Digital Camera (1975): Created by Kodak’s engineer Steve Sasson In December 1975, Kodak engineer Steve Sasson invented something that would, decades later, revolutionize photography: the worlds first digital camera. It was the size of a toaster, and captured black and white images at a resolution of 100×100 – or 0.01 megapixels inContinue reading “World First’s – Invention and DISCOVERIES…”

Waste Material – Interesting Facts 03

426,000 cell phones discarded daily. 200,000 cigarette packs, the same number of Americans who die every six months due to smoking.  11,000 commercial flights taking place in the U.S. every 8 hours. 65,000 Americans under 18 that start smoking every month. 1 million of plastic cups trashed every six hours in commercial flights. 60,000 plasticContinue reading “Waste Material – Interesting Facts 03”

Effects of Smoking‏

SMOKING CAUSES PROBLEMS OTHER THAN LUNG CANCER AND HEART DISEASE The fact that smoking causes lung disease and oral cancer isn’t exactly news, and only tobacco industry executives would express (feigned) shock at being told. But cigarettes can lead to a whole slew of problems involving every system of your tar-filled body, and most peopleContinue reading “Effects of Smoking‏”

The 5 most expensive addictions

* Alcohol. Estimated annual cost: $166 billion. Binge drinking hits the unemployed harder on a per capita basis — 10.4%, vs. 8.4% of employed people. It is most prevalent in small metropolitan locales, rather than big cities or rural areas. The $18 billion spent on alcohol and drug treatment last year represented 1.3% of allContinue reading “The 5 most expensive addictions”