Some Inspiring Lifes…!!

NAME What was He/She? What did He/She become? Albert Einstein Ordinary Patent Clerk World Famous Scientist Abraham Lincoln Poor Farmer’s Son President of America Goldameir Average School Teacher Prime Minister of Israel Franklin D Roosevelt Sick and Both Legs Paralyzed President of America Homer Blind Greatest Greek Writer Helen Keller Blind, Deaf and Dump RenownedContinue reading “Some Inspiring Lifes…!!”

No food inflation in Parliament canteen – Big Shock‏

Can you imagine a vegetarian thali lunch for Rs.12.50 or a katori (small bowl) of dal at Rs.1.50, and chapatis for a rupee each at a time when the prices of essential commodities are touching the sky? Yes it is possible, even if food is getting out of the reach of the poor in theContinue reading “No food inflation in Parliament canteen – Big Shock‏”

India fourth largest illegal downloader of online content

India is the fourth largest illegal downloader of online content, according to two reports released Tuesday by the Motion Picture Distributors Association (MPDA). The reports were prepared on behalf of MPDA by Envisional and DtecNet, two global firms engaged in providing software solutions to track and prevent piracy of digital content and online business. AccordingContinue reading “India fourth largest illegal downloader of online content”

Stop Smoking… Please…

More than 94% of the world’s people are not protected by laws against smoking, leaving them exposed to the biggest cause of preventable death, the World Health Organisation said on Wednesday. In a Global Tobacco Epidemic report the WHO said smokefree policies were crucial to reducing the harm caused by second-hand smoke, which it saidContinue reading “Stop Smoking… Please…”

Life Expectancy

Country Life Expectancy Japan 80 Norway 79 Iceland 79 Switzerland 78.6 Sweden 78.5 Hong Kong 78.5 Australia 78.2 Italy 78.2 France 78.1 Greece 78.1 Spain 78 Cyprus 77.8 Barbodos 76.4 Hungary 70.9 Lithuania 69.9 China 69.8 Thailand 68.8 Kyrgyzstan 67.6 Uzbekistan 67.5 Brazil 66.8 Mangolia 65.8 India 62.6 Iraq 62.4 Myanmar 60.1 Comoros 58.8 MadagascarContinue reading “Life Expectancy”

The difference between the poor countries. Think and Act!!

The difference between the poor countries and the rich ones is not at the age of the country.   This can be shown by countries like India and Egypt which are more than 2000 years old and are poor.   On the other hand, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, that 150 years ago were inexpressive,Continue reading “The difference between the poor countries. Think and Act!!”