13 Possible Reasons Why Your Memory is Letting You Down

You walk into the kitchen only to realize you have no idea why you’re there, forget the name of someone you just met, start driving only to realize you forgot how to get to where it is that you’re going. Such lapses are usually attributed to an overload of information, but from time to time,Continue reading “13 Possible Reasons Why Your Memory is Letting You Down”

8 Very Healthy and Very Tasty Tropical Fruit!

We’re used to hearing that tasty and healthy rarely go together, but these tropical fruit easily prove otherwise. In rain forests and tropical climates around the world grow treasures rich in both nutrients and taste – meet 8 easy to come by exotic fruit that really pack a healthy punch! Remember: Consume these fruit inContinue reading “8 Very Healthy and Very Tasty Tropical Fruit!”

Vedic Wisdom

What is fear….? Unacceptance of uncertainty. If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes adventure…! What is envy? Unacceptance of good in others If we accept that good, it becomes inspiration…! What is Anger? Unacceptance of things which are beyond our control. If we accept, it becomes tolerance…! What is hatred😬? Unacceptance of person as heContinue reading “Vedic Wisdom”

Top 10 Greatest Kings in Indian History

India is probably one of the richest countries in the world in terms of its history and heritage; in terms of rulers and ruling clans. Thousands of years have passed and the country has seen several dynasties, rulers, emperors and conquerors. While those at power in the present day strive to annihilate the country, letContinue reading “Top 10 Greatest Kings in Indian History”