How to deal with rude behavior?

Q: How to deal with rude behavior?

Sri Sri: What do you do when someone behaves very rudely to you?

– Get upset
– React rudely back
– Get frustrated
– Run-away and avoid the person or the situation
– Blame the person
– Preach to the person
None of these will in any way strengthen you.
Then what are the options? See rude behavior in this light:
– It indicates the intensity of their commitment
– It indicates the amount of stress and insensitivity
– It projects the up-bringing of the person
– It indicates a behavioral pattern
– It shows lack of knowledge
– It shows lack of observation of one’s own mind and its sensations
– It shows you behavior to avoid
– It is an opportunity for you to welcome and absorb the rudeness
– It strengthens your mind
– It unconditions the love that you are
The next time when someone is rude to you, make sure you don’t get upset. Just give back a broad smile. If you can digest the rudeness, nothing whatsoever can shake you.

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