Importance of E

In this world of E-mails, E-ticket, E-paper, E-recharge, E-transfer and the latest E-Governance…

Never Forget “E-shwar (God)” who makes E-verything E-asy for E-veryone E-veryday.

“E” is the most Eminent letter in all most every situation.

Men or Women don’t exist without “E”.

House or Home can’t be made without “E”.

Bread or Butter can’t be found without “E”.

“E” is the beginning of “Ethics” and end of “Life”

It is beginning of “Existence” and the end of “Trouble.”
It is beginning of “Evolve” and the beginning of “End”

It’s not in ‘War’ but twice in ‘Peace’.

It’s once in ‘Hell’ but twice in ‘Heaven’.

“E” represented ‘Emotions’

Hence, all emotional relations like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Wife Friends have ‘E’ in them.

“E” also represents ‘Effort’ ‘Energy’

Without “E”, we would have no Love, Life, Wife, Friends or Hope.

And ‘See’, ‘Hear’, ‘Smell’, or ‘Taste’ as ‘Eye’ ‘Ear’, ‘Nose’, Heart ‘Tongue’ are incomplete without “e”.

Henceforth GO with “E” but without E-GO.

Published by VIDYADAAN

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others. Please share knowledge responsibly.

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