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Most people struggle to be as effective and efficient as we’d liketo be. It’s why we always hear people asking for more hours in a day. Around the world, “I need more time!” is probably uttered millions of times each day.

Here are three time management secrets to help you get more done.

1) Plan your week – When do you plan? Some people do it first thing in the morning; they make a list of the things they need to get done for the day. A better strategy is to spend some time during the weekend (or Monday morning) planning the upcoming week.

You can then assess your goals, the steps you need to accomplish them and plan your week according to the urgent and not so urgent projects and tasks.

2) Let go of perfection – We often spend way too much time on tasks that really don’t matter that much. Perfection rarely exists and trying to perform less important tasks perfectly wastes your valuable time. Find a “good enough” balance and save your focused attention and quest for perfection for those tasks that really matter.

3) Avoid efficiency traps – Efficient and productive are not synonymous – they’re two very different words. You can be efficient and busy and not really get anything done. The secret to time management is to focus on tasks that result in accomplishing something that maters – your goals. Running errands, cleaning your desk, filing and so forth are busy tasks that make you feel busyand efficient but they’re not enhancing your productivity. You’re not achieving your goals. Time management secrets are easy to embrace when you’re excited about your goals and you have a step by step process to achieve them.

Published by vidyadaan

Student of Phylosophy and Education. Sales Man by profession.

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