4 Vital Keys for Developing Mastery in Anything‏

1. Give Your Life to Something:

This is another way of saying, dont be a jack of all trades and king of none. If you really want to excel in life, find your true passion and pour yourself into it.
2. Break Mood Based Decisions:

Breaking mood based decisions, means being able to turn off the TV at 9:52 pm right before the detectives of Law & Order SVU reveal who is responsible for the homicide

Once you develop this strength, to not make your decisions solely on the pleasure principle, your life will become available to you as a tapestry to paint your masterpiece on.

3. Dont Concentrate on Results:

if you love to write, just write, dont worry about selling a million copies.Forget about results and focus on just doing, just marching on.
4. Dont Worry About Survival:

This, I know is easier said than done. What I want to clarify before I delve into this key factor, is that I am not encouraging you to drop out of school, quit your job, dump your family or run away to the Himalayas. There is usually never a need to make such drastic changes and these changes are usually just romantic ideas.
Trust that life will be there to take care of you and go for it.

Published by vidyadaan

Student of Phylosophy and Education. Sales Man by profession.

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