Ten Most Important Points to Live a HAPPY AND PEACEFUL Life

1) Help yourself before helping anyone on the earth, because if you are helping one Human, and betraying other Human, you are not to be called a human, but a Devil, because a Devil helps another Devil, a thief helps another thief.
2) Always be yourself, and focus on your own karma, because interfering in others Karma, or helping someone in his karma in negative way which is going to put anyone’s life in jeopardy, is either going to get you away from your own karma, or make your paths more difficult to reach or complete your karma and purposes in Life.
3) Love yourself more than anyone else, because you will find someone who will love you more than you love yourself, because only those people deserve Love, who love themselves and others without thinking of what they have and what they are going to get.
4) Love your Work, and don’t cheat at your Work, because Work is Worship. If you are a Boss, respect your own values, don’t cheat with employees in anyway, because that’s going to put your business down soon, and in terrible circumstances, so think good about your company and your employees, and how you can grow your business POSITIVELY, helping your employees to grow too, because every Company grows Positively, only when employees grow truly, and productively.
5) Respect your Values and the Love you have, and try to be down to earth though achieved a Million Dollars, you’ll always get closer to your Destination and fulfill your Life’s purposes.
6) Be Human, than being a Engineer, a Doctor, a Scientist when you are in Humans, because that’s what is going to make you a GOOD & FINE HUMAN.
7) Forgive others for the mistakes they make, and forget what good you’ve done to anyone, but don’t repeat the same mistakes that you’ve done, or anyone has, and don’t repeat the good to same person, just because you are to expect some outcome, because you’ll be putting the person’s life in danger.
8) Always remember, “AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP”, works from the day you’ve born, till the day you’ll be on the earth, so do as much as good to anyone you can, but without expectation, betrayal or without anyone’s force, but with your Heart,  because if you are doing good and performing your Karma, you’ll one day have YOUR OWN HOUSE, YOUR OWN CAR, YOUR OWN LOVE OF LIFE, and YOUR OWN KIND OF RESPECT, NOT SLAVERY.
9) Every person is born to achieve, so you are too, it’s only the difference of Good Motivators, and People who influence you matters. So try to have friends who you understand, and who can understand you, and not use each others for your meaning, but GROW TOGETHER, and help others to GROW too. And don’t be with Grouches, they will always pull you down.
10) BE HUMAN, and RESPECT EVERY OTHER HUMAN for the VALUES HE / SHE HAS, you’ll ALWAYS BE RESPECTED, else YOUR VALUE IS ZERO. Grouches do have their Values, make them realise in some or the other way if not the straight way, because every human has time, when he realises his own mistakes, he tries and improves himself.
BEING HUMAN, UNDERSTAND LIFE, and HAVE LOVE, is what we are here for on this Earth.

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