Some Inspiring Lifes…!!

NAME What was He/She? What did He/She become?
Albert Einstein Ordinary Patent Clerk World Famous Scientist
Abraham Lincoln Poor Farmer’s Son President of America
Goldameir Average School Teacher Prime Minister of Israel
Franklin D Roosevelt Sick and Both Legs Paralyzed President of America
Homer Blind Greatest Greek Writer
Helen Keller Blind, Deaf and Dump Renowned Writer
Demos Thanes Nervous Stammered Well known Greek Orator
Beethoven Deaf Renowned Music Composer
Thomas Edison Matriculate Greatest Inventor
M S Oberoi Simple Clerk One of the biggest chain Hotel owner in the world
K K Patel Son of ordinary Farmer Largest Seller of washing power (Nirma Brand Rs 1,200 Cr Turnover)
Topiwala Matriculate with initial investment of Rs 100 Now sells Rs 5 Cr worth shingar bindi per year
Govind Kakadia Started with a salary of 70/- [spent 30/- saved 40/-] World’s largest volume mfg of polished diamonds
Shard Kumar Deekshit 2 Heart Attacks, Crippled in lower side of the body; Vocal Cords removed Performed 45,000 Surgeries free of cost
C N Janaki Both Legs Polio Famous Swimmer, Mentioned in book ‘Special People” by Oxford University
Wilma Rudolph Was born immaturely and crippled by polio In the 1960 Olympics, she become the first American woman to win three gold medals in the Olympics

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