The difference between the poor countries. Think and Act!!

The difference between the poor countries and the rich ones is not at the age of the country.
This can be shown by countries like India and Egypt which are more than 2000 years old and are poor.
On the other hand, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, that 150 years ago were inexpressive, today are developed countries and are rich.
The difference between poor and rich countries does not reside in the available natural resources.
Japan has a limited territory, 80% mountainous, inadequate for agriculture and cattle raising, but it is the second world economy. The country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw material from the whole world and exporting manufactured products.
Another example is Switzerland, which does not plant cocoa but has the best chocolate of the world. In its little territory they raise animals and plants the soil during 4 months per year. Not enough, they produce dairy products of the best quality. It is a small country that transmits and image of security, order and labour, which made it the world’s strong safe.
Executives from rich countries who communicate with their counter parts in poor countries show that there is no significant intellectual difference.
Race or skin colour are also not important: immigrants labeled lazy in their countries of origin are the productive power in rich European counties.
What is the difference then??
The difference is the attitude of the people, framed along the years by the education and the culture.
On analyzing the behaviour of the people in rich and developed countries, we find that the great majority follow the following principles in their lives:
1. Ethics, as the basic principle
2. Integrity
3. Responsibility
4. Respect to the laws and rules
5. Respect to the right of other citizens
6. Work loving
7. Strive for saving and investment
8. Will of super action
9. Punctuality
In poor countries, only a minority follow these basic principles in their daily life.
We are not poor because we lack natural resources or because nature was cruel to us.
We are poor because we lack attitude.
We lack the will to comply with and teach these functional principles of rich and developed societies.

Among the many angels – nice sotry

Once upon a time there was a child ready to be born.

So one day it asks God,”They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?”

God replied, “Among the many angels, I chose one just for you.

She will be waiting for you and will take good care of you”.

“But tell me, here in heaven, I don’t do anything else but smile and sing, that’s enough for me to be happy.”

God said, “Your angel will sing for you and will also smile every day. And you will feel your angel’s love and be happy.”

“And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me, if I don’t know the language that men talk?”

God said, “Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak.”

“And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?”

God said, “Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.”

“I’ve heard that on earth there are bad men, who will protect me?”

God said, “Your angel will defend you even if it means risking it’s life.”

“But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.”

God said, “Your angel will always talk to you about me and will teach you the way for you to come back to me, even though I will always be next to you.”

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from earth could already be heard, and the child in a hurry asked softly, “Oh God, if I am about to leave now, please tell me my angel’s name.”

God silenced all fear when He said, “your angel’s name is of no importance.”

“You will simply call her ‘Mummy’.”