I believed my Mother!!

There was a girl by the name of Wilma Rudolph who was born immaturely in a black family, her weight being around two kilograms at the time of her birth.

She was crippled by polio during her early childhood.

One doctor told her mother that the condition couldn’t be cured. But the doctor’s verdict wouldn’t affect the mother.

Wilma says while bringing back the memories of her childhood, ‘The doctor said I would never walk again, my mother said I would. I believed my mother”.

Wilma’s mother found out that there was a hospital some eight kilometers from her place where her daughter could be treated. Wilma’s mother took her daughter there twice weekly for two years on end.

After two years’ treatment, Wilma was able to walk with the help of crutches.

Finally, at the age of twelve, she began walking normally without crutches.

At the age or sixteen, in the 1956 Olympics she won a bronze in the 4 x 4 relay.

In the 1960 Olympics, she become the first American woman to win three gold medals in the Olympics.

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