Quotes for SMS

Argument wins the situation but looses the person.
So never argue with ur loved ones.
because situation is not important than ur loved ones!

Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world.

Keep YouR HEAD up so that
pEopLe kNow You aRe aFRaId oF no one.
But keep YouR EYES doWn so that
You are kNoWn to Be a RespectabLe peRson.

Harsh Reality of life
Every One Is Good to you
Till you Expect Nothing From Them
& You are  Good To Them
Only Till you FullFill Their Expectations!

See The ClöcK Only,
When Yöu Have Nö Work.
But Dönt See The Clöck,
When You Are Wörking.

If people feel that
they have never made a mistake in whole life,
then it means they have never tried a new thing.

Never judge a person by his present status.
Because time has great power to change
a useless coal into a valuable DIAMOND.

If you trust someone.
Trust till the end.
Whatever the results may be.
In the end either you will have
a very good friend or a good lesson.

We spend our days
waiting for the Ideal path
to appear in front of us.
But what we forget that,
paths are made by walking.

Life never leaves you empty.
It always replaces everything you lost.
If it asks you to put something down,
It’s because it wants you to pick up something greater.

When God gives us NO for an answer.
Keep in mind that there is a much greater YES
His NO is not a REJECTION.

Morning is God’s way of saying:
One more time! Live life.
Make a difference.
Touch 1 heart.
Encourage 1 mind.
Inspire 1 soul.

One day a man asked God.
What is difference between
your love and my love.
God Replied: Bird in the sky is my love.
and the bird in the cage is your love.

Remember: No matter how bad you are.
You are not totally useless
You can still be used as a bad example

Nature has given you a face,
But you have to provide the expression.
Be careful when you express,
Because your expressions will leave an impression

some nice sayings:
1. Control your attitude, before it controls you
2. The best vitamin for making friends is B1
3. Your best friend is your own Gumption

We do 100 good things
nobody remembers.
We do 1 thing wrong
nobody forgets.
Its God who Gives, Gives and Forgives.
Its human who Gets, Gets and Forgets.

Good relationships are like trees.
They demand attention and care
in the begining.
But once they blossom
they provide you shade
in all situations of life.

When your friend lies to you
it is not his mistake
actually but it is your mistake
that you didn’t give him proper space
to tell the truth.

Listen this sweet voice in morning.
Holly call is going on
It has happiness and blessing
of World and Heaven.
Just get up with a smile on your face.
and offer NAMAZ.

As rain covers the sun.
Truth covers the lies.
Angels cover the evil.
Flowers cover the garden.
I wish and pray
that happiness covers all the
worries of your life.

So use your experiences
in your experiments
to achieve your expectations.

Life has 5 stars.
Kind star is MOTHER.
Action star is FATHER.
Ultimate star is TEACHER.
Top star is LOVER.
The super star is FRIEND.

A thoughtful thoughts.
when someone tries to impress you.
It means he is already impressed by you!
Think on it!!

The company of good people
like the shop of perfume.
Whether you have bought perfume or not.
You will receive a lot of good fragrance.

Management fundamental for success.
“If you don’t like any rule,
Just follow it, reach the top
and change the rule.”

Value of relation is not,
That how much one feels
happy with someone.
But it is the lonliness,
That one feels without someone.

Published by vidyadaan

Student of Phylosophy and Education. Sales Man by profession.

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