Control Body Odor, the Herbal Way‏

Body odor can be embarrassing and can cause relationship problems. They can also disrupt the office work environment and cause friction. The normal accepted way to control this body odor is to spray and a lot of cologne and perfume and trust in their efficacy. My way is different.

Bad body odor can happen to anyone at any time. It may be the arm pits that are smelling or maybe the feet. At times, the hair can also smell bad and bad odor can also come through sweat glands on the body. It is important to understand what is causing the bad odor and try to fix that problem rather than try cosmetic solutions which will work only in the short term.

Bad Body odor can be caused by the sweat glands getting rid of toxins which cause bad smell. It can also be caused by a local bacterial infection in the armpits. Certain medicines can also cause a person’s body to smell bad as the body secretes them out with sweat. Stress related factors can also cause the body to smell bad.

In my experience, poor diet and stress related factors are the primary cause of bad body odor. Every one sweats and sweat is essential to keep the body cool and to de stress. It is not recommended to use body deodorants that stop sweat formation in armpits ( for example) to try and control body odor. This can cause more harm than good.
I would recommend the following regime to control bad body smell.

* Prepare a mixture of lime juice, sugar and a little salt (home made lemonade) and drink three glasses a day. (if diabetic, take it without sugar). This helps to remove toxins from the body.

* Sip ginger tea before and after meals. This helps in keeping sweat glands in check.

* Cut out spices from your diet. Reduce intake of red meat and foods such as white bread and processed foods. Increase the intake of green vegetables, fresh fruits and raw and boiled vegetables in your diet.

* Reduce intake of coffee and alcohol.

The above dietary changes will have an almost immediate effect on bad odor (odour). The body will start responding positively within a week to ten days and start smelling better.
In combination with the above lifestyle and dietary changes, I would also recommend the following herbal remedies.

* Soak cotton wool pads in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the underarms and feet area. This helps fix the pH balance in the body and helps in reducing bad smelling bacteria and controlling minor infections if any.

* You may alternate usage of apple cider vinegar with diluted lime juice. This will help control infections and provide vitamin C direct to the skin.

* Add rose water to your bath water. Add it to your last rinse and it will help keep your body smelling cool and sweet for a long time.

* Rubbing potato slices to problem areas also helps reduce body odor (odour).

* Get your hair smelling good, by adding lime juice to your last rinse. This will help eliminate bacteria that may be causing bad smell. Lemon juice also helps restore the pH balance of the hair and scalp.

* If your feet are smelling bad, you need to understand that your body is telling you to change your diet. Start wearing cotton socks ( and change them twice a day) so that the feet may breath easy and wear leather shoes, which breathe. Every evening dip your feet in hot water to which alum has been added. Rub some potato slices to the soles to help control the smell. You may also sprinkle some baking soda on your feet before putting on the socks. Baking soda is a well known anti odor agent.

In conclusion, eliminate body odor with dietary changes and herbal remedies. Use perfumes and colognes with discretion. Avoid deodorants and let your body sweat. This is the healthy, natural way.

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