I Thirst – Jesus

“When he was dying on the cross Jesus said: ‘I thirst’. Jesus is thirsting for our love, and this is the thirst of everyone, poor and rich alike. We all thirst for the love of others and the meaning of true love is ‘To give until it hurts’.

                                                                                                        – Mother Teresa

            Do we ‘Thirst’? Do we ‘Thirst’ for love? For the love of others? Do we ‘Thirst’ for the same love that Jesus is thirsting for? The true love? Do we share the true love? Do we give until it hurts us?

            Undoubtedly every one thirsts in this world. But, the most unfortunate thing is that we all do not thirst for the same love that Jesus is thirsting for. We all do not thirst for the true and eternal love. This is the only reason, why Unity of Humanity has lost its colours.

            What for we thirst and the ways and means we choose to fulfill our thirst differs from person to person. Krishnamurthy says, “‘Liberation’ should be the ultimate thirst [Purpose] of every being”. The lord Buddha says, “Nirvana”. Mohammad prophet says, “Salvation”. Mother Teresa says, “True and Pure love of Jesus”. Likewise, so many enlightened ones have defined the ultimate thirst in their own words but if we go to the very ends of their definitions, we arrive at the same place, which I would like to call “The Ultimate-end”. In other words, as Sri Ramakrishna says, “the same water is called ‘Water’ in English, ‘Pani’ in Hindi, ‘Neellu’ in Telugu, and ‘Tanni’ in Tamil”, etc., the same the Ultimate-end is expressed in different ways, with different words, as one beautiful idiom says, “the same old wine in a new bottle”. Now the question arises, “What is that Ultimate-end?

            Different persons have suggested different paths and means to reach the ultimate end. Some suggest the divine experience, some talk about the strict ritual practice, some emphasizes on mere moral practice, some talk about the detachment and renunciation of the world, some talk about seeing God in every being, loving and caring all as Jesus, and some like Charavaka says, “There is neither God nor spirit, neither good nor bad nor their consequences. Fear none. The ultimate end of life is highest pleasure and happiness. It does not matter, how you attain it”, etc. However different, the paths could be; however different, the means could be, they all lead us to the same end.

            The most unfortunate thing is that, pilgrims of these different paths have formed different religions, different societies, different communities, etc. and many of them have been believing that their paths alone are true and leads to the ultimate end, and all others are walking foolishly, in the shadow of maya [illusion] and ignorance. This kind of misbelieve has affected greatly and resulted misleading them from the ultimate end. They have struck in the illusions of superiority and inferiority, they have formed their own boundaries, they have struck in the maya of individuality, they are confined to some man made limitations and these will never let them to reach The Ultimate-End.

            Now the question arises, “What could be the Ultimate-Path, that might keep us away from all kinds of mayas or illusions, that might surely leads to the Ultimate-End?

            Now, I would like to conclude this paper with its essence, that is, “Every one should take initiative to find the answer for these two ultimate questions of life. Every individual should thirst for true love and knowledge of the ultimate reality and ‘one must work for his own salvation’, because mere imitation of past ideas will confined you to some beliefs, and beliefs create boundaries and limitations. When you are confined to man made boundaries and limitations you can never reach The Ultimate-End

Published by vidyadaan

Student of Phylosophy and Education. Sales Man by profession.

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