Do you deserve the title of a MAN?

“The state of knowledge is a state in which man has freed himself from his past, which is self-consciousness. However paradoxical it may seem at first, such a state is the only one which is natural to man, really worthy of that NAME.”

                                                                                       – J Krishnamurti

“Man does not deserve the title of man so long as the physical condition does not assume the shape of moral qualities, for the natural desires are common to man and the lower animals and there is nothing to mark the distinction between him and them.”

                                                                                        – Mirza Gulam Ahmad

            Have you ever questioned yourself, “Do I deserve the title of a Man?” Have you ever tried to know, “What is the point of discrimination between a Man and an Animal?”

            Unfortunately, we have become so materialistic that we have almost lost our spiritual identity. It is true that man has almost lost his own identity. Our approach to life has become more animalistic than humanistic.  We, in the race of money and religion, liquidated the humanity.

            Our approach has become so materialistic and limited that we discriminate man from animal based on mere material or physical attributes, which does not give right definition of a man. We must discriminate a man based on his moral qualities. What I exactly mean to say is, looking human is different and being human is different. The one who just looks as a human in his physical form and does not posses the necessary moral qualities is in no way superior to a lower human [animal]; he is better called a lower human [animal] rather a human. The human who is human both by appearance and by virtue is the real human, the one who perfectly deserve the title of that name. Now, let us look into the different stages of a Man:

            Freud, the father of psychoanalytic theory, proposed that every individual’s personality is the product of a struggle among three interacting forces – the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is the source of strong inborn drives and urges, it does not recognize the difference between good and bad, and it operates on the pleasure principle. Through learning and experience, the ego develops the individual’s capabilities of realistic thinking and ability to deal appropriately with his environment, to overcome the limitations of id; it operates on the reality principle. The superego consists of the moral part of the individual’s psychic structure through internalizing the values of society. It influences the individual to strive for perfection.

            The Holy Quran observes the threefold condition of a man: 1. Nafs-i-ammara: signifies the uncontrollable spirit or the spirit prone to evil. 2. Nafs-i-lawwama: Lawwama literally means one who reproves severally, and the Nafs-i-lawwama or the self-accusing soul, has been so called because it upbraid a man for the doing of an evil deed and strongly hates unrestrained passions and bestial appetites. And 3. Nafs-i-mutmainnah: The third or the last stage in the onward movement of the soul is reached on attaining to the source of all spiritual qualities. At this stage the soul is freed from all weakness and frailties.

            And finally in my words, I divide the human growth into four stages: 1. Animality [Lower/Sub- Human]: in this very stage we are driven by our in borne drives where the Freud’s id is the ruler, here man is under-control not in control 2. Humanity [Human]: in this stage man develops his necessary moral qualities to fit himself for the title. 3. Spirituality [Higher Human]: in this stage human starts inquiring. He struggles for perfection and the ultimate reality. 4. Divinity [supreme Human]: here the man uplifts himself with his supreme virtues to self-actualized soul or the enlightened.

To conclude, I request everybody to “be worthy for the title of a MAN”

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Student of Phylosophy and Education. Sales Man by profession.

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