Sayings of Holy Prophet (pbuh)

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) Said: 1) Four things that make your body sick:- a) Excessive talking b) Excessive sleeping c) Excessive eating and d) Excessive meeting/outing with people 2) Four things that destroy the body:- a) Worrying b) Sorrow (Sadness/Grief) c) Hunger d) Sleeping late at night  3) Four things that make the face lookingContinue reading “Sayings of Holy Prophet (pbuh)”

8 Main Causes for Liver Damage

1. Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause. 2. Not urinating in the morning. 3. Too much eating. 4. Skipping breakfast. 5. Consuming too much medication. 6. Consuming too much preservatives, additives, food coloring , and artificial sweetener. 7. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil. As much as possible reduce cooking oil useContinue reading “8 Main Causes for Liver Damage”

Tips to cultivate Creativity

* Keep a Journal – Practice writing every thought, idea, and inspiration down. Practice, brainstorming and thinking on paper. * Solve the Opposite Problem – Scott talked about this technique. The idea is to invent and brainstorm by solving the opposite problem that you are trying to solve. So, for example, if you are tryingContinue reading “Tips to cultivate Creativity”


(By Vicky Thompson) SINCE CHILDHOOD, I HAVE BEEN AFRAID to use the F-word. But today I’m going to face my fears. Brace yourself. Forgiveness! I bet you didn’t think I was going to say forgiveness, but sometimes you have to be brave and try one of the hardest, but most rewarding practices you will everContinue reading “CAN FORGIVENESS MAKES YOU HAPPY?”

10 core values of character

Care Attentive assistance or treatment to those in need.   Helpfulness Friendliness evidence by a kindly and helpfull disposition.   Appreciation Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things. An expression of gratitude.   Respect A feeling of appreciative, often defferential regard; esteem.   Attentiveness The trait of being observant andContinue reading “10 core values of character”