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The Glorious Book of Allah (swt), the Holy Quran, says in Sura Al-Fatir (35:24): Surely We have sent you (O Mohammd) with the truth as a bearer of good news and a warner; and there is not a people but a warner has gone among them.

A highly controversial book titled ‘Kalki Autar’ (a guide and Prophet for the whole universe) has recently been published in India. Pundit Vaid Prakash, the author of this monumental work, is a brahman of Bengali descent and is a professor and researcher of Sanskrit (a classic Hindu scriptural language) at Ilahabad University. He, after a great deal of research, study and hard-work has presented his work to as many as eight great Pundits, all established Sanskrit and religious scholars in their own right and they have duly declared Professor Parkash’s work unambiguous, scholarly and authentic.

Important religious books of Hindu India give a vivid description of the “Kalki Autar” and prophesies of his coming. To great amazement and delight of Professor Prakash, this description fits perfectly on the Holy person of the Prophet Muhammed (saw), the Last Prophet to humanity.

Here are some specific quotes from the Hindu sacred book, Veda:

1. The ‘Kalki Autar’ will be the last Messenger / Prophet of Bhagwan (Allah) to guide the whole world.

2. The ‘Kalki Autar’ will be born in an island/peninsula (may refer to ‘jazeeratul Arab’).

3. The ‘Kalki Autar’s father’s name will be ‘Vishnu Bhagat’ and his mother’s name will be ‘somanib’. The Sanskrit word ‘Vishnu’ means Allah; the word ‘bhagat’ means slave or servant (The the name ‘Vishnu Bhagat’ refers to ‘the Slave of Allah’ or Abdullah, the Holy Prophet’s father); the Sanskrit word Somanib stands for ‘peace/tranquillity.—this will go for the Holy Prophet’s mother, Amina which means the same in Arabic.

4.  The ‘Kalki Autar’ will live on olives and dates, will be true to his words and will show exemplary honesty.  The Prophet Mohammad was popularly known as Siddique (truthful) and Ameen (honest).

5. The Veda mentions ‘kalki Autar’ to be born in the respected and noble dynasty of his land; this is true for the Prophet Muhammad (saw) as he was born in the respected tribe of Quraish who enjoyed great respect and high place in Makkah.

6. The prophesied ‘Kalki Autar’ will be taught in a cave by the Bhagwan through a very special messenger; history reveals that the angel Jibrail visited the prophet in the cave of Hira to reveal the first five verses of the Holy Qur’an.

7. The ‘Kalki Autar’ will be provided by the Bhagwan with the fastest of a horse that will he will ride to visit the Seven skies/Heavens. This is a reference to the Burraq taking the prophet (sws) to the Seven Heavens.

8. The ‘Kalki Autar’ will be assisted and strengthened in a big way by the Bhagwan Himself. We know that Muhammed (saw) was divinely aided and reinforced by Allah (swt) through His angels in the battle of Badr.

9. The Veda mentions that ‘Kalki Autar’ will be well versed in horse riding, arrow shooting, and swordsmanship; Pundit Vaid Parkash hastens to point out that the use of horses and spears is long gone and the followers of Veda would be ill-advised to wait for the ‘Kalki Autar’ bearing sword and arrows or spears in this day and age.

Many other world scriptures clearly point out to the same “Last Prophet” – none other than the Prophet Mohammad (sws). According to Abdul Haq Widyarthi’s monumental research in a book titled “Mohammad in the World Scriptures” similar clear, unambiguous prophesies have been laid down in many other religious books, such as, the Bhudda’s Tripitika, several Hindu scriptures including Purana (prophesies the coming of ‘Mehmed’), Upnishads, Athra Veda, and Rig Veda, and also in the Zoroastrians’ Avasta. All one needs to do is have a clear, open mind and heart to pay attention to this very special, single message Allah (swt) has preserved uncorrupted in these books of wide following. May Allah, the Most High, give the inner light to those waiting for the ‘Kalki Autar’ and ‘Mehamed’ to realize that he has already come and gone more than 1400 years ago–and the Vedas, Upnishads, Avasta, Bible, and Taura are now replaced for ever by the one and only, the untamed, uncorrupted Book of God—the Glorious Qur’an!

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